La Compagna di Viaggio


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annasita (contribs)2007-11-10 21:15Category Comedy
Category Erotic Film
changed name from La compagna di viaggio to La Compagna di Viaggio
Company Rinascita Cinematografica
2007-11-10 21:14unknown cast change
Gastone Carsetti as Production Design
Giancarlo Venarucci as Editor
Marcello Giombini as Original Music Composer
2007-11-10 21:13Ferdinando Baldi as Screenplay
Anonymous W9yZ66Zms+D WnSINsLuCQg2007-11-03 00:21created article La Compagna di Viaggio
no comment entered
filmblogger (contribs)2007-11-02 23:18changed Revenue to 103411
2007-11-02 23:15alias Una noche en el coche cama
2007-11-02 23:14changed Runtime from 0 to 94
release date set to 1980-01-01
Language Italian
Country Italy
2007-11-02 23:09Pino Ferrara as Actor
2007-11-02 23:08Loris Peota as Actor
Massimo Pittarello as Actor
Marisa Mell as Actor
Serena Grandi as Actor
Moana Pozzi as Actor
2007-11-02 23:07Giorgio Bracardi as Actor
Anna Maria Rizzoli as Actor
Gastone Moschin as Actor
Ferdinando Baldi as Director
Anonymous NhnCOnqjua9 k79uhwZBlIA2007-11-02 21:02created La Compagna di Viaggio