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Staffel 1


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Anonymous VuLIi5XKuDJ FKiLmGr2Cyg2009-12-28 11:07release date set to 1989-01-01
annasita (contribs)2007-10-25 11:18Category Munich
Anonymous LfEdciBx09S d09Kub7M4Bg2007-10-18 19:49created article Staffel 1
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Peter (contribs)2007-10-18 15:30Rüdiger Nüchtern as Producer
Rüdiger Nüchtern as Screenplay
Rüdiger Nüchtern as Director
2007-10-18 14:48Ludwig Thoma as Novel
2007-10-18 14:47release date set to 1989-01-01
release date set to 1989-01-01
2007-10-18 14:37Nina von Quest as Actor
Michael Roll as Actor
2007-10-18 14:36Gerhart Lippert as Actor
Raidar Müller-Elmau as Actor
2007-10-18 14:35unknown cast change
unknown cast change
2007-10-18 14:34Ottfried Fischer as Actor
Saskia Vester as Actor
2007-10-18 14:33Gerd Anthoff as Actor
2007-10-18 14:32changed inherit_cast to 1
Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Comedy
Company Bayerischer Rundfunk
2007-10-18 14:28created Staffel 1