The Night Walker


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guggenheim (contribs)2011-02-24 09:59Tetsu Komai as Actor
Paulle Clark as Actor
2011-02-24 09:58Jess Barker as Actor
Rochelle Hudson as Actor
2011-02-24 09:57Hayden Rorke as Actor
Judi Meredith as Actor
Barbara Stanwyck as Actor
2011-02-24 09:56Robert Taylor as Actor
Vic Mizzy as Original Music Composer
Harold E. Stine as Director of Photography
2011-02-24 09:55unknown cast change
Dona Holloway as Associate Producer
2011-02-24 09:54William Castle as Producer
William Castle as Director
Robert Bloch as Screenplay
2011-02-24 09:53Category Private Detective
Category Suspicion
Category Infidelity
Category Lawyer
Category Loss of Husband
Category Prosecution
Category Explosion
2011-02-24 09:52Category Blindness
Category Widow
Category Creepy
Category Suspenseful
Category Black And White Film
Category Horror
Category Crime Film
Category Mystery Thriller
2011-02-24 09:48changed Runtime from 0 to 86
release date set to 1964-01-01
Language English
Country United States of America
2011-02-24 09:46created The Night Walker