Killer Movie


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ElmanSmithee (contribs)2011-11-03 17:42Category Film Crew
Category Camera
Category 2000s
2011-11-03 17:41Category Present
Category Killer
2011-11-03 17:40Category Travel
Category Chaos
Category Location
Category Shooting
Category Recording
Category North Dakota
Category Filmcrew
2011-11-03 17:39Category Reality TV
Category Satire
Category Comedy
Category Funny
Category Creepy
2011-11-03 17:38release date set to 2008-04-01
Anonymous rtrTFg9LzIL UtDLjZJhx/w2011-02-28 23:32Jennifer Murphy as Actor
2011-02-28 23:31Bruce Bohne as Actor
J.C. Chasez as Actor
Mike Lutgen as Actor
2011-02-28 23:30Leighton Meester as Actor
2011-02-28 23:29Stephen Pelinski as Actor
2011-02-28 23:28Robert Buckley as Actor
Andy Fischer-Price as Actor
RobZombie (contribs)2011-02-09 22:34unknown cast change
2011-02-09 22:27Category Thriller
Category Mystery Thriller
Category Horror
Category Comedy
2011-02-09 22:25Jeff Fisher as Producer
2011-02-09 22:24Paul Covington as Editor
David Broberg as Editor
2011-02-09 22:22Todd Haberman as Original Music
2011-02-09 22:21Dino Parks as Director of Photography
Maitland McConnell as Actor
2011-02-09 22:20Hal B. Klein as Actor
2011-02-09 22:19Al Santos as Actor
Adriana DeMeo as Actor