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Wiener Blut


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Jo (contribs)2021-07-07 22:31changed external link to https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0435606/
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t0by (contribs)2011-05-20 16:20Harald Serafin as Actor
Ulrich Reinthaller as Actor
pixtur (contribs)2009-06-26 16:57Category Prize
2009-06-26 16:56Category Award
Peter (contribs)2008-06-05 13:50deleted category
Category Actor
Anonymous Or9FuxyIuwk h+3xLEnmi6A2007-10-11 05:44created article Wiener Blut
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Peter (contribs)2007-10-11 05:42Karlheinz Hackl as Actor
Harald Serafin as Actor
2007-10-11 05:41Markus Hering as Actor
Markus Hering as Actor
2007-10-11 05:40Markus Hering as Actor
Robert Meyer as Actor
Alexander Pschill as Actor
2007-10-11 05:39Erika Marozsán as Actor
Gesine Cukrowski as Actor
2007-10-11 05:38Johannes Silberschneider as Actor
Friedrich von Thun as Actor
2007-10-11 05:37Gudrun Landgrebe as Actor
Rita Russek as Actor
2007-10-11 05:36Ottfried Fischer as Actor
Christoph Birkner as Costumer
2007-10-11 05:35Bertram Reiter as Set Designer
Ilse Buchelt as Editor
Peter Zeitlinger as Director of Photography
2007-10-11 05:34Mick Baumeister as Music
2007-10-11 05:33Karl Spiehs as Producer
Jörg Grünler as Screenplay
Dirk Regel as First Assistant Director
2007-10-11 05:31deleted category
deleted category
deleted category
deleted category
Category Literature Prize
2007-10-11 05:30Category Vienna
2007-10-11 05:13Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV