Blood, Boobs and Beast


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PhilUK (contribs)2011-02-01 16:13Category Cartoonist
Category Brother Brother Relationship
Category Siblings
2011-02-01 16:11Category Filmmaker
Category Film Making
2011-02-01 16:10Category Maryland
Category Female Breast
Category Cancer
2011-02-01 16:09Category Nudity
2011-02-01 16:07Category Film Director
Category Interview
Category Beast
Category Blood
2011-02-01 16:06Category North America
2011-02-01 16:04Category Present
2011-02-01 16:01Category Serious
Category Smart
Category Offbeat
Category Guy Movie
Category Adult
Category Independent Film
Category Low Budget Film
Category Science Fiction
Category Making-Of Documentary
Category Documentary Film
2011-02-01 15:53Jay Lynch as Actor
2011-02-01 15:50Don Leifert as Actor
2011-02-01 15:49Lloyd Kaufman as Actor
Don Dohler as Actor
2011-02-01 15:48Skizz Cyzyk as Actor
2011-02-01 15:47J.J. Abrams as Actor
John Paul Kinhart as Director of Photography
2011-02-01 15:46John Paul Kinhart as Editor
Christian Brown as Original Music
2011-02-01 15:45John Paul Kinhart as Director
2011-02-01 15:41changed Runtime from 0 to 75
release date set to 2009-02-24
Language English
Country United States of America
Company Troma Entertainment