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Omar Baba responds to criticism of FlyLo’s safety practices while husband-and-wife pilots Simon and Jackie argue about flying together, and Simon’s affair. Moses Beacon is tasked with helping a 92-year-old first-time flyer and explaining to a first-class passenger that her dog has died in-flight. A man that doesn’t work at the airport is caught ‘patting down’ the passengers. Ian Foot investigates a case of an elderly gentleman attempting to enter the country using the passport of a 12-year-old girl. Taaj Manzoor describes his duties on a airport buggy, which he sees as a chick magnet. Melody and Keeley learn that there may be a supervisor’s opening. Mickey and Buster attempt to get a photograph of Geri Halliwell but miss her after doing a rendition of Spice Girls songs. Fearghal assists a young mother by putting her three-month-old baby in the overhead locker. Precious Little closes The Coffee Hut early after claiming it has run out of coffee, then does her shopping at the airport. Sue and Geoff Stott check in for their flight to Disneyland Florida and Sue talks about her love for Disney. Asuka and Nanako try to catch a glimpse of Martin Clunes returning but he is diverted to RAF Northolt.

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