Sense and Sensibility


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2017-06-05 19:00Michael Coulter as Director of Photography
2017-04-14 13:53Tim Squyres as Editor
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Jo (contribs)2016-01-06 16:42Category Berlinale Winner
Jo (contribs)2015-08-09 22:01Emilie François as Actor
Gemma Jones as Actor
Greg Wise as Actor
Alan Rickman as Actor
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Anonymous hQveK2tyuNO uB1DhycaIPA2010-02-25 13:46Category Love Triangle
Kaengufant (contribs)2009-06-25 11:59Category Fiancé
Category Engagement
Category Fiancée
Category Broken Engagement
Category Romantic
Category Shortage of Money
Category Poverty
2009-06-25 11:58Category Heritage
deleted category
Category London
Category England
2009-06-25 11:57Category Decision
2009-06-25 11:56Category Disease
Category Rain Shower
Category Rain
2009-06-25 11:55Category Widow
Category 19th century
Category 1810s
2009-06-25 11:54Category Matchmaking
Category Sister
Category Sister Sister Relationship
2009-06-25 11:53Category Love Letter
Category Affection
Category Romance
Category Love Mess
Category Lovers
Category Kiss
Category Love of One's Life
Category Secret Love