Act of Vengeance


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guggenheim (contribs)2011-01-25 13:56Cheryl Waters as Actor
unknown cast change
2011-01-25 13:55Clint Young as Actor
Alyscia Maxwell as Actor
2011-01-25 13:54Joan McCall as Actor
unknown cast change
Anneka Di Lorenzo as Actor
2011-01-25 13:53Stanley Adams as Actor
Dennis Cross as Actor
Ginger Mason as Actor
2011-01-25 13:52Ninette Bravo as Actor
Ross Elliott as Actor
2011-01-25 13:51John Pickard as Actor
Steve Kanaly as Actor
Peter Brown as Actor
2011-01-25 13:50Tony Young as Actor
Lada Edmund Jr. as Actor
Patricia Estrin as Actor
2011-01-25 13:49Connie Strickland as Actor
Lisa Moore as Actor
Jennifer Lee as Actor
2011-01-25 13:48Jo Ann Harris as Actor
H.R. Christian as Screenplay
Buzz Feitshans as Producer
2011-01-25 13:47Bill Marx as Original Music Composer
Carl Kress as Editor
Brick Marquard as Director of Photography
2011-01-25 13:46Bob Kelljan as Director
David Kidd as Screenplay
2011-01-25 13:42Category Serious
Category Rough
Category Disturbing
Category Suspenseful
Category Special Interest
Category Crime Film
Category Drama
Category Psychological Thriller
2011-01-25 13:41Category Sexual Abuse
Category Violence
Category Quest for Revenge