Engel aus Eisen


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Horst Laube as Actor
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Klaus Pohl as Actor
Peter Brombacher as Actor
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Ilse Pagé as Actor
2007-09-28 08:47Ulrich Wesselmann as Actor
Katharina Thalbach as Actor
2007-09-28 08:46Hilmar Thate as Actor
Ursula Drews as Makeup Artist
2007-09-28 08:45Ingrid Zore as Costumer
Bernd Lepel as Set Decoration
Nicos Perakis as Art Direction
2007-09-28 08:44Tanja Schmidbauer as Editor
Stefan Arnsten as Editor
2007-09-28 08:43Walter Lassally as Director of Photography
Christian Kunert as Music
2007-09-28 08:42Joachim von Viettinghoff as Producer
Heinz Angermeyer as Producer
2007-09-28 08:41Thomas Brasch as Screenplay
Thomas Brasch as Director
2007-09-28 08:39alias Angels of Iron
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Category Black And White Film
Category Family Film
Category Crime
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release date set to 1981-04-23
Language German
Country Germany
Company Independent Productions
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