Die Wahrheit über Rosemarie


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t0by (contribs)2011-04-03 13:35Edith Schultze-Westrum as Actor
Richard Rüdiger as Actor
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Peter (contribs)2007-09-27 15:52Category Prostitute
Category Murder of Prostitute
Category Prostitution
Claus Wilcke as Actor
Walter Rilla as Actor
2007-09-27 15:51Wolfgang Büttner as Actor
Karl Lieffen as Actor
Richard Rüdiger as Actor
2007-09-27 15:50Hanna Micaela as Actor
Annette Grau as Actor
2007-09-27 15:49Lina Carstens as Actor
Karl Schönböck as Actor
2007-09-27 15:48Hans Nielsen as Actor
Jan Hendriks as Actor
Paul Dahlke as Actor
2007-09-27 15:47Belinda Lee as Actor
Susi Krause as Makeup Artist
2007-09-27 15:46Karl Hanoszek as Makeup Artist
Otto Suero as Costumer
Anna Hanoszek as Costumer
2007-09-27 15:45Hermann Warm as Set Designer
Bruno Monden as Set Designer
2007-09-27 15:44Herbert Taschner as Editor
Georg Krause as Director of Photography
Willy Mattes as Music
2007-09-27 15:43Wolf C. Hartwig as Producer
Dieter Fritko as Producer
J. Joachim Bartsch as Screenplay
2007-09-27 15:42Rudolf Jugert as Director
2007-09-27 15:15alias The Truth about Rosemarie
alias She Walks by Night
2007-09-27 15:14alias Love Now, Pay Later
2007-09-27 15:13Category True Story
Category Black And White Film