Up River


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nipi66 (contribs)2018-10-06 14:45changed external link to
guggenheim (contribs)2010-11-13 13:32Category Revenge
Category Avenger
Category Retaliation
Category Murder of Wife
Category Murder
2010-11-13 13:31Category Mine
Category Reality
Category US-American
Category 1900s
Category New Beginning
Category British Columbia
Category Wild West
2010-11-13 13:30Category B-Movie
Category Drama
Category Western
Ronnie Lester as Actor
2010-11-13 13:29Robert George as Actor
Cindy Jensen as Actor
Deborah Au Luce as Actor
2010-11-13 13:28Mikal Dughi as Actor
Dale Wilson as Actor
John 'Bear' Curtis as Actor
David L. Crowley as Actor
2010-11-13 13:27Jeff Corey as Actor
Morgan Stevens as Actor
2010-11-13 13:26Crawford Hawkins as Producer
Carl Kitt as Director
Carol Hummel as Screenplay
2010-11-13 13:21changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1979-01-01
Language English
Country United States of America
2010-11-13 13:20created Up River