Tôkingu heddo


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RobZombie (contribs)2012-04-08 19:07Category Series of Murders
Category Shooting
Category Film Studio
2012-04-08 19:06Category Anime
Category Thriller
RobZombie (contribs)2010-11-03 15:42alias Talking Head
2010-11-03 15:39changed name from Tokingu heddo to Tôkingu heddo
2010-11-03 15:37changed name from Talking Head to Tokingu heddo
2010-11-03 15:27release date set to 1992-10-10
2010-11-03 15:23Eri Mayama as Actor
Shin'ichi Ishihara as Actor
2010-11-03 15:22Mako Hyôdô as Actor
Fumihiko Tachiki as Actor
2010-11-03 15:21Tomoko Ishimura as Actor
Keishi Hunt as Actor
2010-11-03 15:20Yoshikazu Fujiki as Actor
Shigeru Chiba as Actor
Hiroshi Matsuo as Editor
2010-11-03 15:19Yousuke Mamiya as Director of Photography
2010-11-03 15:18Kenji Kawai as Original Music
2010-11-03 15:17Shin Unozawa as Producer
2010-11-03 15:16Hiroki Miyagawa as Producer
Mamoru Oshii as Director
2010-11-03 15:07changed Runtime from 0 to 105
Language Japanese
Country Japan
Company Bandai Visual Company (JAPAN)
2010-11-03 15:06created Tôkingu heddo