L'affiche rouge


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Anonymous D1mlHvX0tXU yBuxaNXDD/w2010-10-12 12:53Category Second World War
Category zwei Zeitebenen
Category Political Drama
2010-10-12 12:52Jonathan Sutton as Actor
2010-10-12 12:51Jacques Rispal as Actor
Alain Salomon as Actor
Jean Lescot as Actor
2010-10-12 12:50Mario Gonzales as Actor
Silvia Badescu as Actor
Maja Wodecka as Actor
2010-10-12 12:49Julian Negulesco as Actor
Anicée Alvina as Actor
2010-10-12 12:48Laszlo Szabo as Actor
Malka Ribowska as Actor
2010-10-12 12:47Pierre Clementi as Actor
Roger Ibanez as Actor
2010-10-12 12:46Frank Cassenti as Director
2010-10-12 12:43changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1976-11-10
Language French
Country France
2010-10-12 12:27created L'affiche rouge