Pom, le poulain


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Anonymous 9T2njXbFfTH qWD+eKXECTA2010-11-12 15:53Philippe Grand'Henry as Actor
Hyppolyte Eloy as Actor
Alain Eloy as Actor
2010-11-12 15:52Angelo Dello as Actor
Gilbert Cotty as Actor
2010-09-06 09:38Category Distrust
Category Horseback Riding
Category Van
Category Separated Family
2010-09-06 09:37Category Work accident
Category Sawmill
Category Present
Category Ardennes
Category Father Son Relationship
Category Nature And Environment
2010-09-06 09:36Category Horse
Category Touching
Category Family Comedy
Bruno Alexiu as Original Music Composer
2010-09-06 09:35Jean-Paul de Zaetijd as Director of Photography
Eric Névé as Producer
Yves Ringer as Screenplay
Olivier Ringer as Director
2010-09-06 09:34Charlie Dupont as Actor
Eric Godon as Actor
2010-09-06 09:33Olivier Bonjour as Actor
Richard Bohringer as Actor
Olivier Barthelemy as Actor
2010-09-06 09:32changed Budget to 4000000
changed Runtime from 0 to 85
release date set to 2006-07-19
Language French
Country France
Country Belgium
changed name from Pom - Das treue Fohlen to Pom, le poulain
2010-09-06 09:29created Pom, le poulain