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Thomas Mitchell as Actor
2010-08-08 14:46Thomas Mitchell as Actor
2010-08-08 14:45Paul Dooley as Actor
Eric Balfour as Actor
2010-08-08 14:44Patrick Fugit as Actor
Language English
Category Ritual murder
Category Series of Murders
2010-08-08 14:43deleted category
2010-08-08 14:42Category Detective Film
Category Mystery Thriller
Category Thriller
Category Drama
2010-08-08 14:41Barry Shabaka Henley as Actor
Clifton Collins Jr. as Actor
Lou Taylor Pucci as Actor
2010-08-08 14:40Dave Callaham as Author
Jonas Ã…kerlund as Director
2010-08-08 14:39changed Runtime from 0 to 90
Company Radar Pictures Inc.
Company Platinum Dunes
Company Mandate Pictures
2010-08-08 14:38Country United States of America
Country Canada
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2010-08-08 14:33Dennis Quaid as Actor
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