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ThomasClive (contribs)2010-07-12 15:31Category Passion
Category Germany
2010-07-12 15:30Category Present
2010-07-12 15:29changed homepage from to
2010-07-12 15:28Category Classical Music
Category Tour
Category Piano Tuner
2010-07-12 15:27Category Composition
Category Perfection
Category Concert
Category Pianist
Molerngoth (contribs)2010-05-03 13:35Category Documentary Film
2010-05-03 13:34Category Piano
Lang Lang as Actor
2010-05-03 13:33Stephan Knüpfer as Actor
Richard Hyung-Ki Joo as Actor
Aleksey Igudesman as Actor
2010-05-03 13:32Alfred Brendel as Actor
Pierre-Laurent Aimard as Actor
unknown cast change
Lilian Franck as Producer
2010-05-03 13:31Jerzy Palacz as x_Kamera
Matthias Petsche as Music
Lilian Franck as Director
2010-05-03 13:30Robert Cibis as Director
2010-05-03 13:28changed Runtime from 0 to 93
release date set to 2010-09-09
Language English
Country Germany
Country Austria
Company Oval Filmemacher
2010-05-03 13:18created Pianomania