The Thirteen Chairs

12 + 1

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System2017-03-14 12:36alias The Thirteen Chairs
Jo (contribs)changed external link toölf_plus_eins
annasita (contribs)2007-08-10 09:21Category Europe
Category Heritage
Category Chair
Company C.O.F.C.I.
Company CEF
Anonymous 4z2CcpwvBGQ zBr2MojTb0A2007-08-05 18:54created article 12 + 1
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annasita (contribs)2007-08-05 17:44Category Comedy
filmblogger (contribs)2007-08-05 17:17Category Comedy Of Mistaken Identity
Category Slapstick Comedy Film
Category Farce
Category Criminal Comedy Film
Category Erotic Comedy Film
Category Comedy
unknown cast change
2007-08-05 17:16Maurice Rootes as Editor
Piero Poletto as Production Design
2007-08-05 17:15Giancarlo Cappelli as Editor
Giuseppe Ruzzolini as Director of Photography
Stelvio Cipriani as Original Music Composer
Carlo Rustichelli as Original Music Composer
2007-08-05 17:14Denis Norden as Author
Luciano Lucignani as Author
2007-08-05 17:13Nicolas Gessner as Author
Lucia Drudi Demby as Author
Marc Behm as Author
Antonio Altoviti as Author
2007-08-05 17:12Nicolas Gessner as Director
changed Runtime from 0 to 96
release date set to 1969-10-07
Language Italian
Language English
Country Italy
Country France
2007-08-05 17:10John Steiner as Actor
Tim Brooke-Taylor as Actor
William Rushton as Actor
Lionel Jeffries as Actor
2007-08-05 17:09Mylène Demongeot as Actor