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Die Liebestragödie des Homunculus


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Anonymous Ik34fWMrWny QgkxQPO96+A2007-08-04 14:00created article Die Liebestragödie des Homunculus
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Peter (contribs)2007-08-04 04:30Robert Neuss as Screenplay
2007-08-04 04:29Otto Rippert as Screenplay
2007-08-04 04:26Otto Rippert as Director
2007-08-04 04:25unknown cast change
Peter (contribs)2007-08-03 20:00Category Black And White Film
Category Classic
Category Horror
Category Science Fiction
2007-08-03 19:59Walter Wolffgram as Actor
Hedwig Wiese as Actor
2007-08-03 19:58Gustav von Wangenheim as Actor
Erna Thiele as Actor
Mechthildis Thein as Actor
Max Ruhbeck as Actor
2007-08-03 19:57Lore Rückert as Actor
Adolf Paul as Actor
Theodor Loos as Actor
2007-08-03 19:56Ilsa Lersen as Actor
Friedrich Kühne as Actor
2007-08-03 19:55Olaf Fønss as Actor
Aud Egede Nissen as Actor
2007-08-03 19:54Robert A. Dietrich as Set Designer
2007-08-03 19:53Carl Hoffmann as Director of Photography
unknown cast change
Robert Reinert as Novel
2007-08-03 19:52unknown cast change
changed Runtime from 0 to 64
release date set to 1916-01-01
Language German
Country Germany
Company Decla Bioscop AG
2007-08-03 19:51created Die Liebestragödie des Homunculus