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Das zweite Gesicht


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Jo (contribs)2018-09-04 20:10Category cold wave
Category Village and Town
2018-09-04 20:09Gudrun Ritter from Pos. 4 to Pos. 5
2018-09-04 20:08Friederike Kempter from Pos. 8 to Pos. 3
Jo (contribs)2017-04-04 22:46changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2013-05-19 14:46changed parent_id to 73454
2013-05-19 10:35changed parent_id from 8153 to
annasita (contribs)2008-03-16 21:02changed parent_id to 8153
2008-03-16 20:35changed parent_id from 2584 to
Anonymous 7G2cM0ZZ0aj sJ6tdlSiP3Q2007-07-31 18:47created article Das zweite Gesicht
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Peter (contribs)2007-07-31 10:34Category Villa
2007-07-31 10:33Category Village and Town
deleted category
2007-07-31 10:23unknown cast change
unknown cast change
2007-07-31 10:22Anja Dihrberg as Casting
Heike Ersfeld as Maske
Christina Paul as Maske
2007-07-31 10:21Annegred Stössel as Costumer
Andreas Wölki as Tonbearbeitung
2007-07-31 10:20Jochen Retter as Editor
Alexander Scherer as Set Designer
2007-07-31 10:19Eckhard Jansen as Director of Photography
Tim Trageser as Director
Claudia Falk as Screenplay
2007-07-31 10:18Matthias Seelig as Screenplay
Sebastian Kröhnert as Actor
2007-07-31 10:17Paul Fassnacht as Actor
Mechthild Großmann as Actor
unknown cast change
2007-07-31 10:16Friederike Kempter as Actor
Christine Urspruch as Actor
Alexander Hörbe as Actor
2007-07-31 10:15Hans-Jochen Wagner as Actor
2007-07-31 10:14Lavinia Wilson as Actor
Gudrun Ritter as Actor
2007-07-31 10:13Jan Josef Liefers as Actor
Axel Prahl as Actor
2007-07-31 10:11Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV