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2017-10-21 09:01Raymond Pierre Lemoigne as Director of Photography
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Anonymous lH9p7/4lfrO Ww2n1ZPvm3Q2011-09-20 09:04Philippe Monnier as Assistant Director
annasita (contribs)2007-07-30 17:06Company Gaumont
Anonymous 0y7PYIXlTxO UfQWyyk1HRg2007-07-30 12:40created article Oscar
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Gugu (contribs)2007-07-30 00:01Category Mistake in Person
2007-07-30 00:00Language French
Category Family Film
Category Comedy
2007-07-29 23:58Georges Delerue as Original Music Composer
unknown cast change
2007-07-29 23:57Claude Magnier as Author
Edouard Molinaro as Director
2007-07-29 23:56Roger Van Hool as Actor
Germaine Delbat as Actor
Mario David as Actor
2007-07-29 23:55Paul Préboist as Actor
Dominique Page as Actor
Sylvia Saurel as Actor
2007-07-29 23:54Claude Gensac as Actor
Agathe Natanson as Actor
Claude Rich as Actor
2007-07-29 23:53Louis de Funès as Actor
changed Runtime from 0 to 85
release date set to 1967-10-11
Country France
2007-07-29 23:51created Oscar