Young and Innocent


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annasita (contribs)2007-07-29 20:14Category Country House
Category Murder
Category Falsely Accused Person
Company Gaumont British Production
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JanB (contribs)Category Black And White Film
Category Romance Film
Category Thriller
2007-07-27 18:38John Miller as Actor
2007-07-27 18:37H. F. Maltby as Actor
Jerry Verno as Actor
J. H. Roberts as Actor
2007-07-27 18:36George Merritt as Actor
Pamela Carme as Actor
Basil Radford as Actor
2007-07-27 18:35George Curzon as Actor
John Longden as Actor
Mary Clare as Actor
2007-07-27 18:34Edward Rigby as Actor
Percy Marmont as Actor
Derrick De Marney as Actor
2007-07-27 18:33Nova Pilbeam as Actor
2007-07-27 18:32Alma Reville as Script Supervisor
Louis Levy as Music Supervisor
2007-07-27 18:31Reg Johnson as Assistant Camera
2007-07-27 18:30Stephen Dade as Camera Operator
A. O'Donoghue as Sound Recordist
Pen Tennyson as First Assistant Director
2007-07-27 18:29Alfred Junge as Art Direction
Charles Frend as Editor
Bernard Knowles as Director of Photography
2007-07-27 18:28Jack Beaver as Music
Edward Black as Producer
Gerald Savory as Dialogue
2007-07-27 18:27Anthony Armstrong as Screenplay
Edwin Greenwood as Screenplay
Charles Bennett as Screenplay
2007-07-27 18:26Josephine Tey as Novel