Journey to the Center of the Earth


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Jo (contribs)2019-10-08 08:32Category Search for a Missing Person
Category Volcano
Jo (contribs)2018-02-28 00:47Category Film Produced For TV
Category Adventure
2018-02-28 00:46changed external link to
Anonymous jJdmqp/fFn2 zJVheZey+Pw2009-12-30 02:59created article Journey to the Center of the Earth
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uzi (contribs)2009-12-30 00:00Fabiana Udenio as Actor
Carel Struycken as Actor
Tim Russ as Actor
Jeffrey Nordling as Actor
John Neville as Actor
2009-12-29 23:59Farrah Forke as Actor
David Dundara as Actor
Kim Miyori as Actor
F. Murray Abraham as Actor
Barry L. Gold as Editor
Ronald Victor Garcia as Director of Photography
2009-12-29 23:58David Kurtz as Music
Christopher Franke as Music
Robert Gunter as Screenplay
David M. Evans as Screenplay
William Dear as Director
2009-12-29 23:57changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1993-02-28
Language English
Country United States of America
2009-12-29 23:56created Journey to the Center of the Earth