The Eagle

Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé

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System2018-08-22 10:41alias The Eagle
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
2018-08-22 10:37Country Denmark
Language German
changed series_type from season_based to general
changed name from Der Adler – Die Spur des Verbrechens: Die komplette Serie inkl. Soundtrack to Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé
Anonymous 36bz7JarN01 6Cu8wzpcpbA2009-11-27 13:31created article Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé
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paddy01 (contribs)2009-11-26 14:10Category Delinquency
2009-11-26 14:09Category Crime Film
changed Runtime from 0 to 1460
Language German
Country Denmark
2009-11-26 14:06created Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé