Türkisch für Anfänger


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Jo (contribs)2016-07-15 22:57Category Family Comedy
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the_gaffer (contribs)2012-04-18 07:19release date set to 2008-11-18
Anonymous hlgzOLm0NEf G+DWh8fiO9A2010-04-23 10:49deleted category
Category Dysfunctional Family
Anonymous EVlgu45HwtI MhY/EqH5rlw2010-03-16 10:24Category Patchwork Family
Category Daily Family Life
deleted category
Category Family Life
Category Familienstreit
Category Foreigner
2010-03-16 10:23deleted category
Category Integration
Category Turkey
Category German-Turkish Living Together
Category Emigration
Category Funny
Category Romantic
Category Offbeat
Category Touching
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2009-11-27 10:34release date set to 2008-10-07
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2009-11-27 10:04release date set to 2008-09-10
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inwa (contribs)2009-10-22 09:44Category First Love
Category Romance
Category 2000s
Category Germany
annasita (contribs)2007-08-02 20:09Category Hussy
Category Brother Sister Relationship
Category Pupil
Category Turk
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Farce
Category Family Drama
Anonymous hZbTUhVhF1k OPuA2IR6dVQ2007-07-16 04:19created article Türkisch für Anfänger
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Anonymous 9pRBUcuG/KE woV2bG7aoVQ2007-07-15 16:12Arnel Taci as Actor
Axel Schreiber as Actor
2007-07-15 16:11Pegah Ferydoni as Actor