Schools Falling Apart

Le bahut va craquer

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System2021-08-31 12:08alias Schools Falling Apart
Jo (contribs)2021-04-27 15:03changed external link to
Anonymous 7fkXoM5DASr mnYfBHkmp4w2010-09-16 23:26Kathy Kriegel as Actor
Christophe Guybet as Actor
2010-09-16 23:25Paulette Frantz as Actor
Katia Tchenko as Actor
2010-09-16 23:24Yves Dangerfield as Actor
Anonymous F6fDHykSqlb AK6KCzwisXg2007-12-18 21:23Category Insurrection
Anonymous 5d1UWcQxZYj faB69JqX0yA2007-09-28 00:15Category Hostage-taker
annasita (contribs)2007-07-18 09:15unknown cast change
Gérard Ollivier as Production Design
Jean Badal as Director of Photography
Jean Musy as Original Music Composer
Martine Nerval as Screenplay
2007-07-18 09:14Category School
Category Apprenticeship
deleted category
Category Teacher
Category Teen Comedy Film
Company Paris Prociné
2007-07-18 09:13release date set to 1981-05-06
Language French
Anonymous dZAk9+9hTDW 1S888J/y8TA2007-07-13 19:44created article Le bahut va craquer
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Gugu (contribs)2007-07-13 17:01release date set to 1981-05-13
Michel Nerval as Director
2007-07-13 17:00Eric Cinanyan as Actor
Charlotte Walior as Actor
2007-07-13 16:59Jacques Monod as Actor
Henri Guybet as Actor
Robert Castel as Actor
Gugu (contribs)2007-07-13 16:38Dany Carrel as Actor
2007-07-13 16:37Fanny Bastien as Actor
Darry Cowl as Actor
Claude Jade as Actor
Michel Galabru as Actor
2007-07-13 16:36changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1982-01-01
Country France
created Le bahut va craquer