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Jo (contribs)2019-10-15 20:21Camilla Renschke as Actor
Katrin Pollitt as Actor
Ilja Roßbander as Actor
Benjamin Morik as Actor
Christina Große as Actor
Oliver Mommsen as Actor
Sabine Postel as Actor
System2019-10-15 20:20Thorsten Näter as Screenplay
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2015-05-19 19:38changed parent_id to 73452
annasita (contribs)2008-03-16 20:51changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 2008-04-14
2008-03-16 20:48changed parent_id from 2272 to
Peter (contribs)2007-07-19 05:10Thorsten Näter as Director
Anonymous a41boVhETta QeMmouu79kg2007-07-04 17:09created article Todesengel
no comment entered
Peter (contribs)2007-07-04 16:12created Todesengel