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Jo (contribs)2015-09-26 23:34changed external link to https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Königskinder_(1962)
Country Germany
Country German Democratic Republic
Peter (contribs)2007-06-28 15:09Category DEFA-Film
Peter (contribs)2007-06-27 15:05alias Star - Crosseed Lovers
2007-06-27 15:04Category War
Category Riot
Category Penitentiary
2007-06-27 15:03Category National Socialism
Category Berlin
Category Family Film
Category Anti-War Film
Category Romance Film
Anonymous wjgkRMa7F/J 7eLgCd6L2bQ2007-06-27 14:26created article Königskinder
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Peter (contribs)2007-06-27 11:39Erik Veldre as Actor
Ulrich Thein as Actor
2007-06-27 11:38Leonid P. Swetlow as Actor
Talla S. Nowikowa as Actor
2007-06-27 11:37Günter Naumann as Actor
Nikolai J. Lukinow as Actor
2007-06-27 11:36Monika Lennartz as Actor
Walter Lendrich as Actor
Marga Legal as Actor
2007-06-27 11:35Charlotte Küter as Actor
Manfred Krug as Actor
2007-06-27 11:34Gertraud Kreißig as Actor
Natalja J. Iljina as Actor
2007-06-27 11:33Fred Delmare as Actor
Annekathrin Bürger as Actor
2007-06-27 11:32Armin Mueller-Stahl as Actor
2007-06-27 11:31Waltraut Pathenheimer as Still Photographer
Joachim Werzlau as Original Music Composer
2007-06-27 11:30Hildegard Conrad as Editor
2007-06-27 11:29Joachim Dittrich as Costumer
Alfred Hirschmeier as Set Designer
Günter Marczikowsky as Director of Photography
2007-06-27 11:28Karl Drömmer as Director of Photography
Gerhard Hartwig as Creative Producer
2007-06-27 11:27Walter Gorrish as Screenplay
Edith Gorrish as Screenplay