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Tödliche Souvenirs


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Klaus Münster as Actor
Anonymous P3IgL86Ee5d QLo3pPc9M4Q2009-10-22 10:40Category Police Film
Category Crime Film
2009-10-22 10:39Category Investigation
Category Hotel
2009-10-22 10:35Category Tourismusort
Category Series of Murders
2009-10-22 10:31changed Runtime from 0 to 90
2009-10-22 10:30release date set to 2003-06-22
Language German
Country Austria
2009-10-22 10:28Moritz Gieselmann as Director of Photography
2009-10-22 10:23Michael Drexler as Set Designer
Peter Sämann as Director
2009-10-22 10:19Felix Mitterer as Screenplay
2009-10-22 10:14unknown cast change
2009-10-22 10:11Klaus Münster as Actor
2009-10-22 10:06Paul Fieldhouse as Actor
2009-10-22 10:04Freya Trampert as Actor
2009-10-22 09:59Alexander Mitterer as Actor
Dennenesch Zoudé as Actor
2009-10-22 09:54unknown cast change
2009-10-22 09:49Ludwig Dornauer as Actor
Anonymous eF2g1WtM0Zt yo7TuqmCP5g2009-10-22 09:48created article Tödliche Souvenirs
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Anonymous P3IgL86Ee5d QLo3pPc9M4QJulia Gschnitzer as Actor
2009-10-22 09:42Theo Rufinatscha as Actor
2009-10-22 09:41Martin Walch as Actor
Alexander Strobele as Actor
2009-10-22 09:40Roswitha Szyszkowitz as Actor
2009-10-22 09:39Harald Krassnitzer as Actor
2009-10-22 09:36created Tödliche Souvenirs