Stage Fright


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Jo (contribs)2018-07-06 22:24Patricia Hitchcock as Actor
Hector MacGregor as Actor
2018-07-06 22:23Miles Malleson as Actor
Kay Walsh as Actor
System2017-07-02 09:59Alma Reville as Screenplay
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Category London
2007-05-20 17:28Category Murder of Husband
Category Murder Charge
2007-05-20 17:27Category Affair
Category Lover
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Category Theatre Play
Category Mystery Thriller
2007-05-20 17:25Sybil Thorndike as Actor
Harold V. King as Sound Designer
Terence Verity as Art Direction
Robert Lennard as Casting
2007-05-20 17:24Wilkie Cooper as Director of Photography
Leighton Lucas as Original Music Composer
Whitfield Cook as Theatre Play
Selwyn Jepson as Novel
Category Falsely Accused Person
2007-05-20 17:16Alfred Hitchcock as Producer
Alfred Hitchcock as Director
Alastair Sim as Actor
Richard Todd as Actor
2007-05-20 17:15Michael Wilding as Actor
Jane Wyman as Actor
Marlene Dietrich as Actor
2007-05-20 17:14changed Runtime from 0 to 110
release date set to 1950-02-23
Language English
Country United Kingdom
Company Warner Bros. Pictures
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