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Mr. Monk and the Blackout


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System2018-03-26 16:56changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2017-11-30 14:45Jason Gray-Stanford from Pos. 3 to Pos. 6
Jo (contribs)2017-09-09 14:44Category Power Outage
Category Police Film
Category Sitcom
nipi66 (contribs)2016-09-18 17:29changed Runtime from 0 to 44
changed external link to
2016-09-18 17:28Willie Nelson as Shown person
Timothy Thomas Brown as Actor
2016-09-18 17:18Scott Peat as Actor
2016-09-18 17:17John O'Brien as Actor
2016-09-18 17:12Joan Blair as Actor
2016-09-18 17:11Stanley Kamel as Actor
2016-09-18 17:02Stacy Michelle as Shown person
Kane Ritchotte as Actor
2016-09-18 17:01Todd Stashwick as Actor
Alicia Coppola as Actor
2016-09-18 17:00Judge Reinhold as Actor
Bitty Schram as Actor
uzi (contribs)2010-08-30 08:05Daniel Dratch as Screenplay
Michael Zinberg as Director
t0by (contribs)2010-08-21 17:25Language English
Country United States of America
Anonymous k75iOyz9w9A iCYGBxV9xQQ2009-11-19 11:35created article Mr. Monk and the Blackout
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uzi (contribs)2009-09-23 07:35release date set to 2004-07-09
created Mr. Monk and the Blackout