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The Harvest


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uzi (contribs)2013-04-05 06:00Skip Schoolnik as Editor
Michael E. Gershman as Director of Photography
2013-04-05 05:59Joss Whedon as Screenplay
2013-04-05 05:58Joss Whedon as Screenplay
unknown cast change
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-12-18 17:27Joss Whedon as Author
2009-12-18 17:19Mark Metcalf as Actor
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-11-15 13:36Julie Benz as Actor
2009-11-15 12:21Mercedes McNab as Actor
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-11-14 15:55David Boreanaz as Actor
2009-11-14 13:44Kristine Sutherland as Actor
Anonymous Bhr1MioTyhR r9Y2wPuCo+Q2009-09-03 07:45created article The Harvest
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JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-09-03 02:26changed Runtime from 0 to 42
release date set to 1997-03-10
Language English
Country United States of America
created The Harvest