The Amazing Captain Nemo


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2007-04-24 16:21Yal Summers as Actor
Tom Halliek as Actor
2007-04-24 16:20Burr de Benning as Actor
Med Flory as Actor
Burgess Meredith as Actor
2007-04-24 16:19Mel Ferrer as Actor
Warren Stevenson as Actor
Linda Day George as Actor
2007-04-24 16:18José Ferrer as Actor
Horst Buchholz as Actor
2007-04-24 16:17Norman Ratkov as Screenplay
2007-04-24 16:16Larry Alexander as Screenplay
William Keys as Screenplay
2007-04-24 16:15Robert Dennis as Screenplay
Robert Bloch as Screenplay
Preston Wood as Screenplay
2007-04-24 16:14Bill Brame as Editor
Richard La Salle as Original Music Composer
Lamar Boren as Director of Photography
2007-04-24 16:13Alex March as Director
Arthur Weiss as Producer
2007-04-24 16:10changed Runtime from 0 to 98
release date set to 1978-01-01
Country United States of America
Company Warner Bros. Pictures
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