The Prisoner of Zenda


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Jo (contribs)2017-06-27 21:56changed external link to
t0by (contribs)2011-05-16 10:54Norman Rossington as Actor
Simon Williams as Actor
Lionel Jeffries as Actor
Edward E. Rose as Creative Producer
2011-05-16 10:53Albert Whitlock as Visual Effects
Sue Yelland as Costumer
2011-05-07 19:15Stuart Wilson as Actor
Catherine Schell as Actor
Stuart Wilson as Actor
2011-05-07 19:14Stuart Wilson as Actor
Stuart Wilson as Actor
Stuart Wilson as Actor
2011-05-07 13:27Cassandra Barbour as Actor
2011-05-07 13:25Jeremy Kemp as Actor
2011-05-07 13:19Ian La Frenais as Other (Writing Department)
D. Stevens as Screenplay
2011-04-30 17:23John J. Lloyd as Production Design
benjamin (contribs)2007-04-17 08:14Category Comedy
Category Adventure
2007-04-17 08:13unknown cast change
Byron Brandt as Editor
2007-04-17 08:11alias The Prisoner of Zenda
Anonymous FJzcrNDe3qW BSTmtFH7H2Q2007-04-17 08:10changed name from Der Gefangene von Zenda to The Prisoner of Zenda
2007-04-17 08:09created article The Prisoner of Zenda
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Peter (contribs)2007-04-17 04:06deleted category
Category Cult Movie
Category Family Film
2007-04-17 04:04alias The Prisoner of Zenda
Category Brother
Category Double
2007-04-17 04:03Category Carriage
Category London
2007-04-17 04:00Stuart Wilson as Actor
Gregory Sierra as Actor
2007-04-17 03:59Elke Sommer as Actor
Lynne Frederick as Actor
Stuart Wilson as Actor
2007-04-17 03:58Cassandra Barbour as Actor
Peter Sellers as Actor