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Anonymous OWDjL6VxCyo CelUeONEqxg2010-07-21 21:51thomas moser as Lighting Artist
moemayerhofer (contribs)2009-06-03 15:13changed homepage from to www.urs-film.com
changed Runtime from 0 to 10
release date set to 2009-05-06
Anonymous CyvXREo/3vT g31RuZ2H3bg2009-03-03 23:07Category Animation
Category Computer Animation
2009-03-03 23:06Martin Weigel as Actor
Anonymous JcczJfCOL/y di7TC8BB7aQ2009-03-01 01:49created article URS
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Anonymous qPWLwgcfYvG gFSfPh+URag2009-03-01 00:56release date set to 2009-01-01
2009-03-01 00:55Moritz Mayerhofer as Animation
Benjamin Swiczinsky as Animation
Jan Locher as Animation
2009-03-01 00:54Moritz Mayerhofer as Director
2009-03-01 00:53created URS