Hochzeitsstrudel und Zwetschgenglück


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Jo (contribs)2020-11-20 23:32changed Status from In Production to Released
System2020-11-19 19:08changed external link to empty
Jo (contribs)2020-10-25 11:37Category Farm
Category Heritage
changed external link to
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Comedy
Category Romance Film
2020-10-25 11:36Felix Hellmann as Actor
Andreas Schretter as Actor
Malena Danninger-Lew as Actor
Jonathan Müller as Actor
2020-10-25 11:35Wolfgang Haas as Actor
Edith Konrath as Actor
Angela Ascher as Actor
Walter Schuster as Actor
Bettina Redlich as Actor
Doris Buchrucker as Actor
Xenia Tiling as Actor
Matthias Gärtner as Actor
Helena Schönfelder as Actor
Heio von Stetten as Actor
Carin C. Tietze as Actor
Daniel Gawlowski as Actor
Fanny Krausz as Actor
2020-10-25 11:34Christian Lex as Screenplay
Angelika Schwarzhuber as Screenplay
Thomas Kronthaler as Director
changed Runtime from 0 to 88
release date set to 2020-11-20
changed Status from Released to In Production
changed external link to
created Hochzeitsstrudel und Zwetschgenglück