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Category Creepy
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Category Film Produced For TV
2009-10-19 16:13release date set to 2009-10-26
JoJoNagel (contribs)2009-07-09 22:59Category Special Capabilities
2009-07-09 22:58Category Teleportation
Category Bomb Explosion
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2009-07-09 22:57Category Father Son Relationship
Category Brother Brother Relationship
Category Mother-Son Relationship
Category Flying
Category Psychopathy
Category Invulnerability
Category Invisibility
Category Invisibility
Category Invulnerability
Category Psychopathy
Category Special Capabilities
Category Flying
2009-07-09 22:55Category Psychopathy
Category Time Travel
Category Flying
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Category Mutation
2009-07-09 22:54Category Special Capabilities
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