Geliebte Clara


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Jools (contribs)2008-10-11 13:13Category Jealousy
Category Concert
Category Tour
Category principal
2008-10-11 13:12Category Piano
Category Composer
Category Pianist
Category True Story
Category Drama
2008-10-11 13:11Walter Theil as Actor
2008-10-11 13:10Christine Oesterlein as Actor
Brigitte Annessy as Actor
Bela Fesztbaum as Actor
2008-10-11 13:09Peter Takatsy as Actor
Sascha Caparros as Actor
Marine Annessy as Actor
Aline Annessy as Actor
2008-10-11 13:08Clara Eichinger as Actor
Malik Zidi as Actor
unknown cast change
2008-10-11 13:07Martina Gedeck as Actor
Franz Kraus as Co-Producer
Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre as Co-Producer
2008-10-11 13:06Helma Sanders-Brahms as Co-Producer
Alfred Hürmer as Producer
Isabelle Devinck as Editor
Janos Csaki as Sound Designer
2008-10-11 13:05Uwe Szielasko as Set Designer
Jürgen Jürges as Director of Photography
Helma Sanders-Brahms as Screenplay
2008-10-11 13:04Helma Sanders-Brahms as Director
Company B.A. Produktion
2008-10-11 13:03Company Objektiv Filmstudio
Company MACT Productions
Company Integral Film
2008-10-11 13:02changed Runtime from 0 to 109
release date set to 2008-12-04