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À Toute Vitesse

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annasita (contribs)2008-09-03 13:32Category Gang of Youths
Category Adolescence
2008-09-03 13:31Category Suburb
Category Lyon
Category Coming Out
Category Coming Out
Category Coming Of Age
2008-09-03 13:29Frédérique Hurpeau as Production Design
Jacques Grant as Casting
Catherine Schwartz as Editor
unknown cast change
Laurent Bénégui as Producer
2008-09-03 13:28Catherine Corsini as Screenplay
Gael Morel as Screenplay
Mohammed Dib as Actor
Salim Kechiouche as Actor
2008-09-03 13:27Romain Auger as Actor
Mezziane Bardadi as Actor
Pascal Cervo as Actor
2008-09-03 13:26Stephane Rideau as Actor
Élodie Bouchez as Actor
2008-09-03 13:22Gael Morel as Director
2008-09-03 13:21changed Runtime from 0 to 85
release date set to 1996-09-25
Language French
Country France
Company Magouric Productions
2008-09-03 13:19created À Toute Vitesse