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System2019-01-17 17:54changed external link to
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Jo (contribs)2017-08-08 16:04John Wells from Pos. 14 to Pos. 10
John Wells as Actor
John Wells as Actor
Jonzie (contribs)2008-09-09 16:09Category Bourgeoisie
2008-09-09 15:42Category Hunt
Category Torture
Category Battle
Category Falling in Love
Category Rebellion
Category Indian
2008-09-09 15:41Category Father Son Relationship
Category Trapper
Category War
2008-09-09 15:40Category British Army
deleted category
Category Independence
2008-09-09 15:39Category Destiny
Category War Film
Category Adventure
2008-09-09 15:38Stuart Baird as Editor
Bernard Lutic as Director of Photography
2008-09-09 15:37John Corigliano as Original Music Composer
Irwin Winkler as Producer
Chris Burt as Executive Producer
Robert Dillon as Screenplay
Hugh Hudson as Director
2008-09-09 15:36Robbie Coltrane as Actor
Graham Greene as Actor
Paul Brooke as Actor
Richard O'Brien as Actor
2008-09-09 15:35John Wells as Actor
Steven Berkoff as Actor
Dave King as Actor
Joan Plowright as Actor
Annie Lennox as Actor
2008-09-09 15:34Sid Owen as Actor
2008-09-09 15:30Dexter Fletcher as Actor
2008-09-09 15:28unknown cast change