Courage under Fire


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System2019-01-18 10:24changed external link to
2017-04-08 04:23Roger Deakins as Director of Photography
uzi (contribs)2016-04-24 06:29Category Blame
Category Soldier
Category Armor
Category Military Court
Category Military Funeral
Category Honour
Category Helicopter
Category Tribute
2016-04-24 06:28Category Award
Category Sense of Guilt
Category Napalm
Category Suicide
Category Reporter
Category Helicopter Pilot
Category M16
2016-04-24 06:27Category Burning Person
Category Woman in the Army
Category Amerikanischer Soldat
2016-04-24 06:26Category General
Category Medal of Honour
2016-04-24 06:25Category A-10
Category Bell UH-1 Iroquois
Category Colonel
2016-04-24 06:22Category Kuwait
2016-04-24 06:21Category M1 Abrams
2016-04-24 06:20Category Psychodrama
2016-04-24 06:10Jenni Tooley as Actor
2016-04-24 06:09Colin Powell as Archive footage
Larry King as Archive footage
George Bush as Archive footage
Amy Hathaway as Actor
2016-04-24 06:08Diane Baker as Actor
Richard Venture as Actor
Albert Hall as Actor
Daniel González as Actor
Robert Apisa as Actor
Tom Schanley as Actor
John Roarke as Actor