It Could Happen to You


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t0by (contribs)2010-10-06 21:53Bill Groom as Production Design
2010-10-06 21:52Julie Weiss as Costumer
2010-10-06 21:51John S. Lyons as Casting
2010-10-06 21:47Red Buttons as Actor
2010-10-06 21:46Richard Jenkins as Actor
2010-10-06 21:42Stanley Tucci as Actor
2010-10-06 21:40Seymour Cassel as Actor
2010-10-06 21:39Isaac Hayes as Actor
2010-10-06 21:06Company Tristar Pictures
effenberg (contribs)2010-09-17 09:42Category Greed
Category Romance
ElmanSmithee (contribs)2010-08-24 14:43Category New York City
Anonymous 7NIolsHmj3d q3ZYYv+Vkbw2010-08-20 10:17Category Policeman
2010-08-20 10:16Category Promise
Category Confession of Love
Category Liebesszene
deleted category
2010-08-20 10:14Category Romantic
Category Funny
Category Touching
Category 1990s
denis (contribs)2008-07-02 22:43Barry Malkin as Editor
2008-07-02 22:42Caleb Deschanel as Director of Photography
Joe Mulherin as Original Music Composer
Carter Burwell as Original Music Composer
Mike Lobell as Producer
2008-07-02 22:41Jane Anderson as Screenplay
Andrew Bergman as Director
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denis (contribs)2008-06-08 22:59Category Romance Film
Category Romantic Comedy
2008-06-08 22:56Wendell Pierce as Actor
Rosie Perez as Actor
2008-06-08 22:55Bridget Fonda as Actor
Nicolas Cage as Actor
changed Runtime from 0 to 101
release date set to 1994-07-29
Language English