Ghost in the Shell


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System2019-07-19 21:05changed Budget to 110000000
changed Revenue to 169801921
uzi (contribs)2018-04-22 08:43Category Man-Machine Relationship
2018-04-22 08:30Category Special Unit
Xavier Horan as Actor
Joseph Naufahu as Actor
2018-04-22 08:29Rila Fukushima as Actor
Kaori Momoi as Actor
2018-04-22 08:28Daniel Henshall as Actor
Anamaria Marinca as Actor
Peter Ferdinando as Actor
Tawanda Manyimo as Actor
Yutaka Izumihara as Actor
2018-04-22 08:27Ehren Kruger as Screenplay
William Wheeler as Screenplay
2018-04-22 08:14Category Amnesia
2018-04-22 08:12Category Failed Experiment
2018-04-22 08:11Category Mensch als Objekt
Category Experiment with Human Beings
Category Mensch als Objekt
Category Criminal Company
2018-04-22 07:36Category Tarnvorrichtung
2018-04-22 07:02Category Robot
Category Man-Machine Relationship
2018-04-22 06:56Category Mensch-Maschine
2018-04-22 06:51Category Cyborg
2018-04-22 06:49Category Comic
System2017-04-20 17:17Jess Hall as Director of Photography
Jo (contribs)2017-03-24 23:17changed trailer to
2017-03-24 23:15release date set to 2017-03-16
changed Status from In Production to Released
Jo (contribs)2017-02-27 21:56Category Science Fiction
Category Action
Lasarus Ratuere as Actor
Chin Han as Actor
Michael Pitt as Actor
2017-02-27 21:55Juliette Binoche as Actor
Takeshi Kitano as Actor
Johan Philip Asbæk as Actor
Scarlett Johansson as Actor