The Golden Child


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System2019-01-19 15:56changed external link to
hs-rook (contribs)2018-10-24 08:22Category Cervical Dislocation
Category Crossbow
uzi (contribs)2017-04-16 11:59Category Contemporary Fantasy
2017-04-16 11:55Category Social Worker
Category Mission
Category Kidnap victim
Category Kidnapping
Category Villain
Category Adventure
Category Cervical Dislocation
Category Revitalization
Category Crossbow
Category Dagger
2017-04-16 11:54Category Parrot
Category Chosen One
Category Telekinesis
Category Search for a Missing Person
Category Los Angeles
Category Baby-Snatching
Category Buddhist Monk
2017-04-16 11:53Category Child
Category Buddhist Monastery
Category astral projection
Category Supernatural Powers
2017-04-16 11:51Aron Kincaid as Actor
Frank Welker as Voice
Marilyn Schreffler as Voice
2017-04-16 11:50Bob Tzudiker as Actor
Bennett Ohta as Actor
2017-04-16 11:49Charles Levin as Actor
Eric Douglas as Actor
Wally Taylor as Actor
Peter Kwong as Actor
2017-04-16 11:48Tiger Chung Lee as Actor
Tau Logo as Actor
James Hong as Actor
Randall 'Tex' Cobb as Actor
Victor Wong as Actor
2017-04-16 11:47changed external link to