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Moviemanmk (contribs)2016-09-14 12:54alias Duga mračna noć
alias Duga mračna noć
2016-09-14 12:53Category Second World War
Category Episode Film
Category Regional film
Category Drama
2016-09-14 12:46Vjekoslav Vrdoljak as Director of Photography
Antun Vrdoljak as Producer
Goran Visnjic as Producer
2016-09-14 12:45Antun Vrdoljak as Scenario Writer
Antun Vrdoljak as Director
Kresimir Mikić as Actor
2016-09-14 12:44Tarik Filipovic as Actor
2016-09-14 12:43Mustafa Nadarevic as Actor
Goran Visnjic as Actor
changed article Season 1 (view diff)
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2016-09-14 12:42created abstract
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2016-09-14 12:41changed inherit_cast to 1
Company HRT
2016-09-14 12:40created Season 1