Since every visitor to omdb can add articles or change existing articles and information without restriction, you should always justify the changes you make to others. The lower field in the editor is intended for these justifications for your changes. Here you should briefly comment on the changes you have made.

Information is not always clear and this can quickly lead to discrepancies about the content. One way to discuss this is the forum.

Vote on movies and categories

omdb gives you the opportunity to vote on the quality of a movie and also to determine the weighting of categories such as genre or target group of a movie.

Version history

The version history provides information about which user made which changes to an article and when. Because all versions of an article are saved, you can always undo your or other people’s changes using the version history.

Summarize the changes

Any changes you make to an article should be briefly commented on. This makes it easier for other users to see your changes.


Vandalism is the targeted destruction of articles, for example:

  • Complete emptying of articles
  • Remove longer sections of text without justification
  • Inserting nonsense into articles (e.g. “School is boring” or “Peter is stupid”)
  • Intentional falsification of information