Here some hints for beginners:

  • Create movie:
    Use the button “Add New Movie” on the left. Minimum requirements: Original title, release date an director are the absolute minimum requirements for a new movie article.
  • Create season:
    Go to the (already created) series page and use the button “Add New Movie” again. Then you can choose to create a season.
  • Create single episode:
    Go to the (already created) season page (or if the (mini)series has no season go to the series page) and use the button “Add New Movie” again. Then you can choose to create an episode.
  • Create/edit multiple episodes:
    On the season page click “edit” at the tab “Parts”. There you can choose “Create children” or “Edit children”. See also Create episodes
  • Create person:
    You can only add persons to existing movies. Use “add actor” or “add crew” there.
  • Delete movies / persons:
    Only administrators can delete. Just leave a message at the forum.
  • Duplicates:
    Only administrators can merge movies or persons. Just leave a message at the forum.
  • Enter a date:
    Release dates and birthdays and so on don’t have to be added in the format “2016-01-26”. Other date formats are also supported and will be converted immediately.
  • Add actor and role:
    When copying actor an role from an other source, this often can be done in one step: copy both into the person field and then click “search person / split”. Often the role will be recognized automatically and put into the field “role”. Examples “Tom Hanks: Forrest Gump”, “Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump”, “Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)”.
    In these cases you can also add multiple actors and there roles in one step if they are separated by a line break.
  • Add actor and crew of serials:
    You don’t have to add the main actors of a series to each episode separately, you can add them to the season (or for (mini)series without seasons to the series). They will be added automatically to the episodes if “Inherit Crew” is activated in the season facts settings.
  • Add external links:
    If you add the link to either Wikidata or Wikipedia at “External links” on the left of a person or movie page, often data from Wikidata can be added automatically to the page. In most cases you can also just add the id of IMDb into the according field.
  • For power users:
    To change the format of data for batch editing e.g. with episodes or actors, the page TextHelper might be helpful if you know about regular expressions. If for example a list of actors with their roles is in wrong order (“role: actor”), you can change it by adding “(.*?): (.*)” to “Replace” and ”$2: $1” to “with” so that you get “actor: role”.