Dichen Lachman

Actor, Voice

Dichen Lachman (born 22 February 1982) is an Australian actress notable for appearing in the Australian soap opera Neighbours as Katya Kinski and the American science fiction thriller Dollhouse as Sierra.

In 2005, Lachman joined the cast of the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours as Katya Kinski. She originally auditioned for the role of Elle Robinson, but the producers decided to create the part of Katya for her instead.

Lachman also played a small role in the feature film Aquamarine. After she finished shooting the role of Aaren in the film Bled, Lachman then visited Hawaii to film Aztec Rex with director Brian Trenchard-Smith.

In an interview with The Soap Show, Lachman mentioned how she visited England in late 2006 and appeared on the BBC television show Ready Steady Cook. In the interview, Lachman explained that she is in Los Angeles to further her acting career, but mentioned she would love to work in the UK and Australia in the future.

In an interview with ScifiNow, Lachman addressed the rumors that she would be starring in the upcoming television show based on the Star Wars franchise. She responded by saying, “I am a huge George Lucas fan; I love those movies and it would be a dream come true – I'd love to do it, it would be incredible.”

Lachman played one of the main supporting characters, Sierra, in the television series Dollhouse, created by Joss Whedon.

She was named as one of the hottest women on screen for 2009, on the lesbian media site afterellen.com.

As stated on her twitter account, she guest starred on NCIS: Los Angeles. The episode aired on March 9, 2010. Lachman appeared as an insurance agent/street racer. She was recently cast as Amy Hanamoa, the widow of a murdered police officer, in the November 8, 2010 episode of Hawaii Five-O.

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