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Ruben Romero is an Model, Actor and Broadcaster, mainly working with Spanish and Catalan languages.

An Actor, Model, Presenter, Reporter and Broadcaster, known for his expressiveness and naturalness. He is a passionate for cinema, fashion, theatre, radio and TV.

After recovering from a serious traffic accident that suffered in September of 2013 and left him hospitalized 1 week in the ICU, he reflects on his life and decides to leave his current job (Administrative Manager in an office) in order to focus on what really enthuse him.

He starts his career as an Actor in February 2014 (his curiosity led him to a casting for a short film and he got his first role), at that very moment, he fell in love with acting and decided to pursue his dream. He has not stopped since and is always involved in professional and semi-professional projects, with emerging and consolidated artists/producers.

Thanks to his mastery of Castilian and Catalan languages, he has taken part in national projects from different producers/directors. After several months gaining experience facing the camera with his own abilities, he decides to start his Performing Arts studies at the School of Actors.

As far as fashion is concerned, he started at the age of 18 being as a photo and fitting model for one of the major international textile brands. Also, he has worked in catwalks, showrooms, e-commerce, fittings, editorials and catalogs, for different firms of renowned.

Ruben was also curious about television and the radio, so he began to perform internships as a television Presenter with students of production, on sets of Gestmusic, RTVE, EMAV and UIC. In 2019 he decided to train in Audiovisual Communication to get to know this profession in depth.

Actually he combines his love for film and fashion with communication, that is why he is working on television sets as a Presenter of contests, magazines and entertainment programs. In addition, he is the Presenter on his own YouTube channel called ”#YXKNO?”, a place where they carry out video-reports/interviews with enterprising, companies and professionals.

As a Reporter and Collaborator, he has worked on the Sant Cugat del Vallés television channel and on the online channel Zoom Barcelona. He has also been an Broadcaster at a radio station in Osona.

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