Justin Balasco

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2001-05-13 (21 years)
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FairFax, Virginia
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Justin Balasco is an American YouTube personality and photographer. He is best known for his vlogs, where he posts updates about his life. His vlogging channel, “Justin Balasco”, has a total of 2,500 views and 510 subscribers. He also has another channel “JustBlix” where he post reaction videos. Some inside scoope on his personal life, he was a middle/high school wrestler, played soccer and does Mix Martial Arts. Justin started his youtube channel in 2013 but it was kept a secret from everyone in his family. In the begining of his youtube carreer he only uploaded gaming videos and did live streams for fun. But he decided not to pursue gaming because he felt it was “Ruining his life”. He claims that gaming just made him feel “trapped”, he wanted to go outside and film stuff or take pictures. Taking pictures is also his favorite hobby, he takes pictures of skys, rain, people and more.

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